Okayo WT-300

irreplaceable for guided tours

Okayo WT-300 is a lightweight, easy-to-use, low-cost tour guide system with the longest battery operation time, in other words a radio voice transmission system for tour participants. Available for purchase at systemtourguide.co.uk – the authorized dealer of Okayo Poland.

The red tour guide receiver is today not only the distinctive trait of Europe’s largest travel agencies, but also independent tourist guides. The tour guide system has obtained so much popularity in tourism because it not only offers significant improvement in the comfort of the guide’s work, but also brings a dramatic difference in sightseeing for tour participants – along with greater comfort and safety.

Our customers in Poland, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Russia and Belarus unanimously declare that our Okayo WT-300 is the best professional and affordable system for guides.

Watch the video with customers’ opinions about the tour guide system and our company.

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